We are currently not accepting new clients...

If you are still looking for a new prep service and are willing to wait, please send us a message and we will add you to our waiting list.

About The Company

Out West is located... out west!

Our facility has the privilege of being located in the heart of the Pacific North West. Oregon has the honor of not only being a wonderful home, but also a great tax advantage for enterprising companies. Yes, Oregon has no sales tax so you can ship to us without having to pay that pesky percentage.

No hidden fees and no monthly subscriptions.

The prices are as listed on our Prices page. PayPal does charges a 4% fee for each international invoice, which we pass to the client. However, we do not require a monthly subscription or add undisclosed fees to the invoice which don't pertain to services rendered.

Baby, it's cold outside...

Our facility is climate controlled; so even in the most inclement of weather, you can take comfort in knowing your product will stay safe and dry from start to finish.

About Its People

Teressa Schwend

 Hey there, my name is Teressa, and I'm the Owner and Operator of Out West Prep Services. I'm committed to serving your Amazon business with the utmost attention and respect. As you grow; we will grow with you, meeting your individual needs as a business.

We welcome you to Out West Prep Services and look forward to working with you.

Adam Tarpenning

My name is Adam, and I'm the Marketing/Customer Services Coordinator for Out West Prep Services. I am dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers and am available to any questions you may have.

I'd like you to consider Out West as your Prep Service Company and look forward to many years of growth together.