Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with new sellers?

We always welcome new sellers. However, they must be familiar with the selling process and be able to create and add new listings without our aid.

Do you require User Permissions to Seller Central?

We do, however in a very limited capacity. This allows us to work in the most optimal manner. Having User Permissions access will allow us to print our own product labels, enter weight, print shipping labels, then complete shipment. 

This means your items will get shipped out a lot quicker and you will have more time for sourcing more products or even relaxing on a worry free vacation knowing that your product is moving whether you are home or not. Click here to find out more.

Is there a sign up or monthly fee?

No. You will not be charged for anything until we have begun prepping your product. We also do not charge a monthly fee. However, we ask that our clients send at least 10 items weekly to maintain services.

Do you give custom quotes?

No. All the prices listed on our price page are the rates for which we charge.

What are the steps for signing up?

You provide your business information and we create a Terms of Service Agreement (a document that states prices and requirements, just in case the website changes). We will then be given user permission to the seller central account and then we are ready to accept your product.

What if my product gets gated on Amazon?

That sometimes happens, and it is unfortunate. However, we are not responsible for holding your items indefinitely while you sort it out. We have a three week holding policy, after which time, you must either get it resolved with Amazon, get an RMA from your supplier, or we ship it back to your address at your cost.

Do I have to inform you when I'm going on vacation ahead of time?

Absolutely not, as long as there are no major issues that arise, we shouldn't need to communicate too often. This benefit is part and parcel with hiring a prep service, the freedom to come and go as you wish.

Do you also sell items on Amazon?

While we have a very knowledgeable staff and have past experience with Amazon Selling. Our company's first priority is to our clients and their needs. We would never dream of scalping suppliers or completing with you on Amazon. Which is why we do not have our own seller central account.

Do you offer long term storage?

We pride ourselves in moving product through our warehouse in a timely manner. Therefore, we do not offer long term storage.

However, we do allow a few exceptions.

  • We can hold standard items for free until the remaining order arrives and ship them all at once (example: you order 50 headphones, but only 30 show up. We will hold them until the remaining 20 arrive and process them at once). This policy does not extend to oversized items.
  • Unconfirmed items that cannot be shipped to Amazon will be held for three weeks until the client gets un-gated or obtains an RMA from the supplier. (Unconfirmed items are characterized as items that do not have a listing on Amazon and cannot yet be shipped to the FBA warehouse)

If I order multiple items from different vendors, can I add them to the same shipment?

Absolutely! Please inform us ahead of time so we can prepare the shipments without delay.

Technical Services

Creating User Permissions on Amazon Seller Central

In order to work with us, you will be asked to provide access to your seller central account. We need access to print FNSKU and shipping labels, create FBA shipments, and provide box details such as dimensions, weight and contents. The reason we ask for this is because we have found through much trial and error that communicating all details via email is very time consuming for both the us and the seller. This game of tag is not efficient and having to create your own shipment and process labels is not taking full advantage of the service we provide.

The common misconception is that by giving permissions to us we will be able to see any details in your account, like payments, sales figures and personal data. In reality, we don't see anything that you have not given us permission to see, and we only need to have access to create and manage your FBA shipments.

In order to set this up, follow these steps.

  1. Sign into Seller Central
  2. Click on settings (top right corner of the window)
  3. Towards the end of the drop down, click on User Permissions
  4. Bellow "Current Users," enter the our information into "Add a New Seller Central User" and click Send Invitation
  5. Once we have accepted the invitation you return to user permissions and click Edit My Permissions
  6. Everything by default is set to None, but by changing the "Manage inventory/add product" and "Manage FBA shipment" to View/Edit we will then have access to creating shipments.

The reason for "Manage inventory/add product" is only because we need to see your FBA Inventory in order to create a shipment from the listings.


Sharing Documents

To avoid needless emails and ensure that we are receiving what you intended, we utilize an excel spreadsheet that has sections completed by you, the seller. These categories include may product descriptions, MSKU, ASIN, order number and quantities. 

As for us, we will keep you apprized of our status by completing quantity received, date received and date shipped. We also have a formula built into the data base that keeps track of quantity outstanding, and the entire line will turn blue when quantity outstanding reaches "0".

We can share this document with you however you would like. Many of our clients prefer Google Drive, however there are a few that utilize their Dropbox software. However you choose to have it shared, it needs to be editable by both of us and accessible at all times.